Novec 1230

Novec-1230 Gas Fire Suppression

The Novec-1230 Fire Suppression Agent and systems utilize 3M’s Novec 1230 gas fire protection fluid – a clear, colourless and low odour clean agent. Novec 1230 is a synthetic Gaseous Suppression agent that instantly vaporizes upon discharge, absorbing heat and providing total flooding of protected areas.

FSP only stocks and recommends genuine 3m Novec-1230. Cheap knock-offs are not worth the potential problems that may result from using them. We won’t risk our business or yours.

Unlike other halocarbon halon alternatives, Novec has good environmental credentials as it does not deplete ozone (ODP of 0) and has a Global Warming Potential (GWP of <1) less than that of CO2 (which is the GWP baseline of 1).

The Novec Fire Suppression System is especially suited for suppressing Special Hazard fires in occupied spaces, in areas where an electrically non-conductive medium is required, where electronic systems cannot automatically shut down in an emergency and where cleanup of other agents poses a problem.

Applications for Novec-1230 Systems:

  • Aviation facilities Commercial/naval vessels
  • Computer and electronic control rooms
  • Critical military systems Data processing centres
  • Medical facilities Museums Offshore platforms
  • Power generation plants, Tape storage and vaults Telecommunication sites

FSP can provide customised Novec-1230 Gaseous Fire Suppression Refill Solutions. If you need a refill service on an emergency or routine basis, please contact us to discuss Novec-1230 options and pricing. We work with incumbent providers to supply their customers with the custom solutions required to suite their needs. Our Gas Suppression Services can help Fire Service Companies to grow without the headaches and cost of all the training and certifications required for Gas Suppression systems.

We are prepared to refill most system’s and refill tanks regardless of manufacturer, including Ansul, Kidde, Chemetron & Fenwal, and others. FSP stock most cylinder valve overhauls kits and adapters. We believe we offer the most competitive prices in the industry on Novec-1230 Fire Suppression Agent.

Novec-1230 System Design

Like all other Synthetic Fire Suppression Agents, Novec-1230 System Design requires specialist training and knowledge, much of which only comes from experience. The Primary Design consideration for Novec 1230 Fire Suppression Systems is that the cylinders are required to be located immediately adjacent to (and sometimes within) the protected area.

A well designed Novec-1230 fire suppression system poses many technical challenges. It requires many additional considerations to correctly eliminate the risk to critical assets caused by fire or water-based extinguishing agents. With many decades of suppression experience, our design team have the knowledge and expertise to assist our clients.

Novec-1230 Exchange Cylinders

FSP offers Exchange Novec-1230 Cylinders Australia-wide to allow facilities to return to operational status quickly after a discharge.

We can deliver the Novec-1230 Exchange Cylinders directly to the site and facilitate removal of the empty Novec-1230 cylinders and installation of the new, or work with your team as required. “Flexibility of Service” is one of our defining principles.

We carry stock of many different brands and sizes, including many older style cyclinders no longer available from the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Novec-1230 Cylinder Refill

FSP can Refill your Novec-1230 cylinders regardless of the branding. 

We offer the best prices for genuine 3M Novec-1230 gas refills in the industry. But don’t take our word for it; compare us!

If you need a refill service either on an emergency or standard basis please contact us to discuss our various options, and pricing. We are prepared to refill most system's cylinders and tanks regardless of manufacturer, including Ansul, Kidde, Chemetron, Fenwal, and others. We stock most cylinder valve overhauls kits and adapters. We believe we offer the most competitive prices in the industry on NOVEC-1230 gas.

Alternatively email us your details for a quotation, we need:

  1. Photos of your cylinder & valve clearly showing brand and valve type
  2. Photos should show the Weight of suppression agent in each cylinder or this should be supplied seperately
Ansul Sapphire Novec-1230 cylinder 280lb (sku=570639)Ansul Sapphire Novec-1230 cylinder 280lb (sku=570639)

Novec-1230 Cylinder Hydrostatic Testing

FSP provides Hydrostatic Testing of Novec-1230 Cylinders from our Australian Standards Approved Testing station. We can provide 5 & 10 yearly hydrostatic cylinder testing for Sapphire Cylinders and all our other Fire Suppression Gases FSP can supply from our Sydney Fire Suppression Warehouse.

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