NAF-S-III Fire Suppression Agent

If you need a NAF-S-III cylinder refill service either on an emergency or standard basis please contact us to discuss our wholesale Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems services, products  and pricing. FSP can refill most system's and refill tanks regardless of manufacturer, including Ansul, Kidde, Chemetron & Fenwal, and others. We stock most cylinder valve overhauls kits and adapters.

Fire Systems Products can reclaim and refill NAF-S-III and all ODS & SGG agents found in Australia. If your Facility requires a refill after a discharge, consider our Gas Suppression Exchange Cylinder Service if applicable.

What Is NAF-S-III?

NAF S-III (HCFC Blend A) is a synthetic Gas Suppression Agent, typically used in Total Flooding scenarios. NAF S-III is stored as a liquid and vaporises at -38.3 °C. NAF-S-III was designed as a replacement for Halon 1301, which although superior has a very high environmental price for use. The low boiling point of NAF S-III allows it to be the synthetic gas suppressant agent of choice for low-temperature environments.

NAF S-III (HCFC Blend A) is a Scheduled Gas Suppression Agent and requires special handling licensing which FSP staff carry. For most common special hazards, NAF S-III requires 10% more agent by weight than Halon 1301. The overall environmental impact (GWP of 1546, an ODP of 0.048 and Atmospheric Lifetime ~1.4 years) is low compared to halocarbons like Halon. By weight, NAF S III is the most effective synthetic extinguishing agent besides Halon 1301, which is highly regulated in its usage.

NAFS-III Gas Suppression Cylinders Exchange

Fire Systems Products offers an after-hours NAF-S-III exchange cylinder service Australia-wide from our accredited Sydney warehouse. Our exchange cylinders are recertified if required, resprayed and revamped to look as good as new or better.

If you’re a Fire Systems contractor maintaining a NAF S-III Gaseous fire suppression system that has recently been released or discharged, and you’re looking to exchange the cylinders, contact Fire Systems Products sales team now.

If the system you maintain is nearing the 5 or 10 yearly testing and re-certification date, FSP can provide tested and certified exchange cylinders to minimise downtime risks.

NAF-S-III Cylinder Refill

We believe we offer the most competitive prices in the industry on NAFS-III gas.

Email us your details for a quotation;

  1. Photos of your cylinder & valve clearly showing brand and valve type;
  2. height of the cylinder (from base to middle of the valve).