NAF P-III Extinguishers

NAF-P-III Fire Extinguishers

NAF P-III Fire Extinguishers online, we stock a wide range of Fire Extinguishers Sydney and Australia wide.

3.0kg & 5.0kG NAF P-lll Vaporizing-Liquid Type Fire Extinguisher Class A Paper, Wood, Textile, Etc.Fires and (E) Fires Involving Energised Electrical Equipment Working Pressure. 800 kPa AT 23+- 2C Gross Mass Charged 5.6kg APPROX Periodic Test Pressure:2.5 MPa Still Air Fire Test Rating 1A:E Wind may Affect Standards Australia Q.A.S Reference No.463-DA-8101 Mmdel No. NAF-P3.0