1.5Kg ABE Powder Fire Extinguisher

1.5Kg ABE Powder Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher

4.5Kg ABE Powder Fire Extinguisher

4.5Kg ABE Dry Powder Chemical Fire Extinguisher

2.5Kg ABE Powder Fire Extinguisher

2.5Kg ABE Fire Extinguisher

Our 2.5kg ABE Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher is one of our most popular and versatile extinguisher sizes.

Suitable for all paper, textiles, wood, Plastics, rubber, petrol, oil, paints, LPG, CNG, Acetylene and electrically charged Equipment Fires.

ABE Powder (Dry Chemical) Type fire extinguishers are generally the most widely used 2.5Kg ABE Fire Extinguishers, because of the large variety of Fires they can be used with.

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